Opportunities To Train As A British Swimming Official

by Min Chauhan

Its the time of year that we start off our officials training –   The Leicestershire ASA County Championships, (LASAs), are an idea opportunity to learn more about swimming by training to become a registered British Swimming Official.  You don’t need to know lots about swimming before hand as this is covered by the training and this can be a more interesting way to become involved rather than just spectating.

This year, LASA are offering a workshop to introduce the Judge Level 1 course, (J1), which covers timekeeping and the judging of turns, finishes and relay takeovers.  Theses workshops will count towards the qualifications, but there is no obligation to continue onto the J1 course and may also be useful for people that have already started their J1 training too.  The workshops will be during the LASA galas at Hinkley Leisure Centre on the 15th of January and repeated again on the 29th of January.  Trainees will also be able to gain practical experience on the poolside at the Braunstone Leisure Centre galas.

If you would like to complete your J1 course, you will need to do the following:

  • be a paid up member of Leicester Neptune SC;
  • complete a DBS check for Leicester Neptune SC;
  • attend a three hour safeguarding course within six months (paid for by Leicester Neptune SC);
  • complete the judge’s application form: Click Here
  • complete a minimum of 10 poolside experiences of shadowing or actually doing the job of timekeeping or judging;
  • complete a J1 workbook (we can help you with this);

On completion, LNSC will provide you with a white LNSC judge’s shirt and becoming an official enables you to meet lots of new people from other clubs.  Officials also usually get lunch provided and expenses paid for attending meets.

If you are interested in taking this training, please contact me as soon as possible.

Please note that there will be no poolside officials training/experience available at the Hinkley galas except for referee candidates.