Forthcoming Swimming events with LNSC

by Min Chauhan

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Alison McCallister
Head Coach – Competitive Swimming:

This summer at Leicester we have several important events coming up for you or your children to take part in.

Friday 17th June & Saturday 18th June – Club Age Group Championships (internal gala).

Every swimming member is strongly encouraged to take part in this competition.  Entry forms will be available soon and electronic return and payment by BACs is being encouraged.  For those of you new to LNSC, swimmers will be required to return a completed entry form with payment by the specified closing date. This is not a gala you can just turn up to on the day without having entered in advance.  The Friday evening gala will take at Evington Leisure Centre and the Saturday gala at Wigston.  Full details to follow!

Saturday 25th June – Diddy League Final Round

Final round of the diddy league galas.  We hope that most swimmers who competed in any of the previous rounds will be able to attend.
  • A Team – Corby International Pool 
  • B Team – Braunstone Leisure Centre
  • C Team – Loughborough Leisure Centre
With all 3 teams at different venues, we will need a lot of parental help.  We will be very grateful for volunteers.
Please email Junior Team Manager ASAP to confirm whether your son/daughter is available. 

 Saturday 16th / Sunday 17th July – End of Season Long Course Open Meet

(Change of date and venue)

Unfortunately the Corby Meet filled up very quickly.  A very small number of swimmers have applied to go but the likelihood is that their swims will be rejected – watch this space.

Instead we will be attending the Chesterfield Summer Splash at Matlock.

This is also a first come first served gala.  If we take too long getting entries in – this meet will be full too.  Therefore if you wish to enter this meet we must have entries by email – by Midnight on Friday 10th June 2016.  We will be processing the entries on Saturday.

Please have a good look at the attached form and note that nine year old swimmers are able to compete in this one (whereas they could not at Corby).

For anyone wishing to make a weekend of it, I am recommending the Premier Inn in Ripley. It is quite a large hotel with plenty of rooms at a reasonable price compared with those in and around Matlock itself.

It is approximately 9 miles from the pool.

 If you are interested in entering, please read the entry pack which will tell you everything you need to know.
What to do to enter…
  1. Download the “Open Meet Entry Form”
  2. Identify which events are to be entered and fill in the personal details
  3. Fill in payment information (BACs payments to LNSC preferred though cheques allowed).  Note that all payments to be made to LNSC who will then make a full payment to Northampton on behalf of the whole squad going.
  4. Email the edited Open Meet Entry Form to both of these emails ASAP but no later than Friday 10th June
CSC Open Meet Entry Form

May 2016 Bank Holiday

by Min Chauhan


Please note there will be no training on the following dates :

Date Location Reason
Monday 30th May 2016 DMU and Evington Spring Bank Holiday


Training at DMU and Evington will return to normal from Tuesday 31st May 2016.

DMU Training 16th May 2016

by Min Chauhan

Please note There will be no training on:

  • Monday 16th May 2016

Coaching will continue as normal from Tuesday 17th May 2016 at DMU .

The Cancellation is due to the Leicester City Football Club  bus tour.

There may be spaces available on other sessions in the week.

Please contact your coach for information.


Leicester City Football Club : Bus Tour Information and Route Map

Why underwater kick is important

by Helen Atton

At last night’s gala, I had the pleasure of being at the starting end of the B-team lane at Wigston which gave me a great opportunity to look at the swimmer’s starts.  Getting a good start is really important and the younger swimmers have been working on their stance – the position they start their dive from – and their underwater phases.  Swimmers are allowed to swim 15m underwater on freestyle, back stroke and butterfly and the fastest way to do this is by doing dolphin kick.  During training we have been working on doing 10-15m underwater on one length swims and a minimum of 5m on starts and turns on longer swims.

Last night I was so pleased to see so many swimmers attempt to put into practice in a race what they had learned in training.  Several swimmers were able to surface after 10m in line with other swimmers from other clubs who did not do an underwater phase – but our swimmers still had fresh arms!  Further work on this will see these swimmers come up in front of the field in future.  Particularly outstanding examples of this were Alex, Kiera, Sophie and Kezia.

This is something any swimmer can improve on.  Start off by doing 5m underwater with your arms outstretched and hands together from every turn on your warm up when you aren’t swimming so fast.  Build this up until you can do it from every turn and then try to increase your distance past the flags.

Diddy League Gala 14th May 2016

by Min Chauhan

The Diddy League Galas will take place as follows on Saturday 14th May 2016:

Team A : Loughborough Leisure Centre, Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE11 3HE

Please arrive by 17.30hrs, for warm-ups commencing at 18.00hrs.
The main Gala will start at 18.30hrs.

Team B & C: Wigston Pool & Fitness , Wigston, Leicester , LE18 2DP

Please arrive by 17.30hrs, for warm-ups commencing at 18.00hrs.
The main Gala will start at 18.30hrs.

For locations details, please see website,   Our Locations > Gala Locations

For further details, please contact our Junior Team Manager.