ASA Speed Awards FAQs

Where can I achieve an award time ?

Times can be achieved at any of the following events:

  • Neptune Time Trials
  • Any Gala , using individual times and not relays
  • Club Championships
  • Age Group Championships
  • Sprint Galas
  • Any recognised Open Meet Gala

How do I work out my award ?

Please check the table in the ASA Speed Award :

  • I have swam in the 50m butterfly and got a time of 0:51.20.
  • In the table in the butterfly section find the line for 50m.
  • The time is faster than the ASA bronze level time but slower than the ASA silver level time so I have achieved the bronze butterfly sprint award.

How can I collect my award ?

  • Contact the Junior or Senior Team Manager at one of our Training Nights.

How much will the award cost ?


Badges cost £2.00



Stroke Flashes cost £1.00