Club Champs / Time Trials Reminder

by Stephen Benbow


Just a quick reminder that we have the Club Champs / Time Trials occuring over the next two weeks.  These will be Level 4 licensed events so a great opportunity to get some official times.


Juniors is on Tue 6th June at DMU.  There will be a variety of 25m and 50m events (time dependant).


Seniors is on Fri 9th June and Friday 16th June – both at Parklands.  The expectation is that all swimmers who attend compete in at least 3 events, the choice of events will be down to swimmers.


To run these events we always need Timekeepers and Helpers.  Don’t worry if you don’t have any experience as we will show you what to do and help you.  Just come along and ask the coaches / officials.  Please don’t be shy as it would be great to see more parents poolside helping out !


Neil, Alison, Ryan, and Claire